Sports Psychology Course

The role of sports psychology is evident in the field of sports. Coaches and physical educators need to understand the personality treats and the learning ability of an athlete. Through neuroplasticity, a change of behavior and pattern of thinking can be modified. It is essential to understand sport psychology to attain human excellence.

Course Curriculum

Definition of Psychology
  • Module 1 Definition
  • Module 2 Brain

Anatomy and Physiology

Kinesiology and Biomechanics

Diet and Nutrition

Risk Stratification

Injuries and Health Psychology

Human Psychology Motivation

Posture, Stability and Mobility

Aerobic/Anaerobic Programme

Special Population and Legal Issues

About the Author

Dr. Anjum Padyal is a Ph.D. in sports psychology. Her 10 years of exclusive research work on Effects of Type of Games on Future Time Orientation and Machiavellianism is an outstanding work in the field of Sports Psychology. Dr.Padyal is invited key-note speaker in many national and international conferences and seminars. Dr. Padyal has launched a program Marshal the Mind to know genius within you to achieve success and peak performance. Dr. Padyal’s book “Marshal the Mind” #1best selling book on Amazon.

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