Sports Psychology Certificate

Sports Psychology

Personality Traits (DISC)

Psychology is a study of human behavior. Every individual has a different body and mind. The difference between personality traits, learning, motivation, anxiety, and stress plays an important role to help any athlete to perform well. The athlete, coach, parents, sponsorers, and all the other stakeholders must have knowledge of sports psychology.

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Learn the Personality & Personality Traits

Dr. William & DISC

Dominant Personality Traits and Solution

Influencers Personality Traits and Solution

Steady Personality Traits and Solution

Complaint Personality Traits and Solution

About the Author

Dr. Anjum Padyal is author of a best-selling book on Amazon "Marshal The Mind". Defeating her paralytic condition and represented India in the Suzuki World Cup in Aerobic Gymnastics is an extraordinary journey to Marshal The Mind.

Dr. Padyal has done a Ph.D. in sports psychology. She is associated with many International athletes across the globe for her mentorship. Learn more to Marshal the mind

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