Mental Training for Peak Performance

The high peak performance is dependent on the toughness of the mind. The fear, belief, perception, mental blockage, anxiety, nervousness in the subconscious mind are a few factors according to sports psychology which plays deciding factors between looser and the winner. The coaches, physical education teachers, and athletes need to learn about training of the mind.

Course Curriculum

Anatomy and Physiology

Kinesiology and Biomechanics

Diet and Nutrition

Risk Stratification

Injuries and Health Psychology

Human Psychology Motivation

Posture, Stability and Mobility

Aerobic/Anaerobic Programme

Special Population and Legal Issues

About the Author

Dr. Padyal is an Aerobic Gymnast holding World Rank 8, Suzuki World Cup, Tokyo, Japan. Three-time Gold medallist (team) in All India Inter-University Games, Dr. Padyal faced a paralytic condition during her pregnancy at the age of 23 and this brave girl fought back her battle through the mind to overcome the limitation of her body and represented India at the age of 33 and begged world rank 8 in Aerobic Gymnastic at Suzuki World Cup, Tokyo, Japan.

Dr. Padyal is a Peak Performance coach providing mental training to many world-class athletes across the world. She believes “Mind the Marshal-Marshal the Mind

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