Diet and Nutrition Course

Diet and nutrition plays a very important role in achieving the desired results in human body. Whether a person wish to loose weight or gain weight the balancing of calorie intake and calorie expenditure is the key of desired results.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1 Diet and Nutrition Courses
  • Module 1 What is Diet?
  • Module 2 Types of diet
  • Module 3 Balanced Diet
  • Module 4 Importance of Balanced Diet

Anatomy and Physiology

Kinesiology and Biomechanics

Diet and Nutrition

Risk Stratification

Injuries and Health Psychology

Human Psychology Motivation

Posture, Stability and Mobility

Aerobic/Anaerobic Programme

Special Population and Legal Issues

About Author

Heading Course designed & created by: Andrew Matthew Jackson, Serial entrepreneur & Michelin Star Chef.

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Andrew Matthew Jackson, a US native, was educated at Culinary School New York, and has worked as an apprentice with the great chefs — Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver

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