Aerobic Training Course

It is very essential for an Aerobic Trainer to have a good commanding voice and control over cueing at right time using verbal and non-verbal both. The good choreography according to the level of the group is a key for a smooth and popular aerobic class.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1/Aerobic Training Course
  • Module 1 Anatomy and Physiology
  • Module 2 Anatomical Terms
  • Module 3 Medical Terms
  • Module 4 Plane
Chapter 2/Cardiovascular System
  • Module 1 Anatomy - Heart
  • Module 2 Physiology - Cardiovascular System
  • Module 3 Systematic Circulation
  • Module 4 Vasodilation and Vasoconstriction
  • Module 5 Cardiac Cycle
  • Module 6 Cardiac Output
  • Module 7 Vital Capacity
  • Module 8 Homeostasis
  • Module 9 Valsalva Maneuver
Chapter 3/Respiratory System
  • Module 1 Anatomy of Respiratory
  • Module 2 Anatomy of Physiology
Chapter 4/Skeletal System
  • Module 1 Anatomy of Skeletal System
  • Module 2 Skeletal System Chart
  • Module 3 Upper Limb
  • Module 4 Lower Limb
  • Module 5 Postural Deformities and Lordosis
Chapter 5/Muscular System
  • Module 1 Types of Muscles
  • Module 2 Major and Minor Muscles
  • Module 3 Core Muscles

Anatomy and Physiology

Kinesiology and Biomechanics

Diet and Nutrition

Risk Stratification

Injuries and Health Psychology

Human Psychology Motivation

Posture, Stability and Mobility

Aerobic/Anaerobic Programme

Special Population and Legal Issues

About the Author

Dr. Anjum Padyal is a world-class aerobic gymnast holding world rank 8 in Suzuki World Cup 2006, Tokyo, Japan.

Dr. Padyal has been appointed as an observer for the Indian contingent in Asian Indoor Games 2005, Phuket, Thailand. Dr. Anjum Padyal was the head of the delegation for the Suzuki World Cup Championship, Tokyo, Japan in the year 2007, 2009, and 2010 consecutively. Dr. Padyal was the head of the delegation for the Heathrow World Championship, London, the UK in the year 2010.

Dr. Padyal has done research on comparative effects of Land Aerobic and Aqua Aerobic in the year of 2000. Dr. Padyal has introduced Aqua-Aerobic in India. She has been conducting aerobic workshops and trainer courses for various organizations, corporate, and Universities. Dr. Padyal has lead the group of 700 students from University of Delhi for the Mass Aerobic Fitness on the launch of Fit India Movement on 29th August 2019 by Hon. PM Sh. Narender Modi.

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